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This scheme worked as a three way collaboration with the residents association, the local play association (PATH) and ourselves.

The Design Brief we formulated and was agreed states at the outset the overarching aim.

To create an attractive, playable communal space in the area around the Hut that will be inviting to children, teenagers and adults.

In other words, we were applying our 'village green' principle, the aim being to create a shared, playable, communal realm.

It's worth quoting in full the first three principle in the Design Brief:

Communal playable space should be designed for all ages, abilities and disabilities.
Communal playable space should be attractive and welcoming to adults.
Playable space should manage the balance between children and young people’s need and want to play and the need to keep them from being exposed to unacceptable risks of death or serious injury. In meeting this principle, designers should ensure that provision recognises the child's need to test boundaries and responds positively to that need, while at the same time providing a sense of security for both children and carers.

We believe we met the Design Brief's objetives.

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